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The Wicked Truth: When Good People Do Bad Things by Suzanne Ross

The Wicked Truth is the thinking person’s guide to the wildly successful Broadway musical Wicked. Using political, social, and historical examples, it explores the ways in which modern society is not so different than the mythical Land of Oz. The Wicked Truth challenges the very framework of our culture, our understandings of Good and Evil, as well as our sense of right and wrong. Whether you’ve seen the show or not, discovering The Wicked Truth’s broad application, to everything from personal relationships, to how our society is governed, will leave you spellbound.

“It is a rare privilege as an artist to have one’s work
explored in such a profound way.
The Wicked Truth is a fascinating and valuable study
of the ways we all wrestle with the wickedness within
and without us and how we can combat it.”
~ Stephen Schwartz – Composer / Lyricist, Wicked


TWTALThe Wicked Truth About Love: The Tangles of Desire by Suzanne Ross

The modern quest for love is a tangle of pitfalls where obstacles and suffering are mistaken for true love. While most pop culture advice about finding true love focuses on how to identify the perfect love object or on how to make yourself into such an object, the triangular and mimetic (imitative) nature of desire is rarely acknowledged, leaving the seeker feeling frustrated, hopeless, and somehow incapable of love. In The Wicked Truth About Love: The Tangles of Desire, author Suzanne Ross guides the reader in an engaging exploration of their personal romantic patterns using a survey based on the triangular nature of desire. Six patterns of desire are identified to reveal the readers mimetic pitfalls. Whimsical illustrations, examples in contemporary entertainment, original music downloads and witty wisdom allows the reader to understand and dismantle their romantic tangles, leaving them free to discover the gift that love can be.

“It’s important to be yourself in a relationship.
The wisdom in The Wicked Truth About Love helps you
avoid the detours on the path to true love.”
~ Julia Allison, Columnist for Time Out New York


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Jesus the Forgiving Victim: Listening for the Unheard Voice by James Alison

Jesus the Forgiving Victim: Listening for the Unheard Voice offers something quite fresh in the field of introductions to faith while embracing a straightforward Christian orthodoxy. What James Alison had in mind was to restore to the Christian life the wonder and transformative power of discovering not some new Biblical fact or church doctrine, but that you are loved far more than you know. By embarking on this course, you join others on a journey of discovery that will open your hearts and minds to discovering new things about yourself and your faith. It is a journey from fake goodness, from a false and insecure self, to relaxing into a goodness and security not your own, but in which you discover yourself held. And it is a journey from a unity that needs to create victims toward a unity received from the risen and forgiving victim in our midst. Jesus the Forgiving Victim is a wonderful companion on your journey toward a deeper faith and fuller life in Christ.

The complete Jesus the Forgiving Victim essays in four volumes


The e-book version of the essays is available for Kindle or at the iBookstore.

JFV Books + DVD Horiz web2Jesus the Forgiving Victim Group Course on DVD containing 6 DVDs formatted for all regions, the complete essays in four volumes, Facilitator and Participant Guides


MiraclesI Love to Tell the Story… About Hope by Reverend C. David Owens

Reverend C. David Owens believed the Biblical stories which have been told for thousands of years are our sacred text because they form a fabric, a template upon which we build our Selves, our relationships to God and one another. It is within the Biblical stories that we discover out deepest desires and learn how to satisfy them. This first volume focuses on the theology and practice of hope. Reverend Owens often invited the congregation to participate in what he called a dialogue sermon. To honor this practice of his, responses to each sermon written by congregation members are included in this collection.

Sermons don’t belong in books; they need a congregation listening, squirming, waiting for the coffee hour to press their questions and comments on the preacher. So each sermon in this collection is presented with the response of one parishioner who shares his or her personal reflections with the reader. By presenting both preacher and parishioner, this volume replicates the energy and spirit of a community fully in dialogue with one another and the Biblical text. ~ Suzanne Ross, Author and Co-founder of The Raven Foundation


Really MiraclesI Love to Tell the Story… About Miracles by Reverend C. David Owens

To modern Christians, Biblical miracles may seem fantastical and contradictory. But in this collection of sermons, Reverend C. David Owens combines intellectual honesty and poetic spirit to reveal the relevance of Jesus’ miracles to modern life. Each sermon is accompanied by a study guide that can be used for individual development or in group study to aid in finding a deeper personal relationship with the miracles and messages in the Bible.

“As these sermons live on in print, the spirit in which they were originally offered lives on as well. They will invite you once again to think, to pray, to think again, and to live.”

Stephen J. Patterson
Professor of New Testament
Eden Theological Seminary, St. Louis



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